A Little More About Me

Hi, and welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you dropped by and that you're here! Honestly, whether you read my blog regularly or not it's so awesome to me that someone would stop by my blog and spend some of their time reading up on my shenanigans over here. So thank ya much! =) 

I'm generally have a hard time writing up "About Me" info. Usually it is super boring, like "My name is Andrea, I live in California, I'm married, we have 2 cats and a dog.....". Ya know, the basics. So I thought I would write up a list of things about me and I'll add to it as I get older. Here are 27 things!

  1. I still live in the town I was born and raised in. It's a sleepy little beach town north of San Francisco that is unlike any other place I've been. I love it and will never move!
  2. Buuuuut, I would move to Scotland if I could. I've been there a couple times and it's the only other place that captured my heart the way my beach town has. Maybe retirement one day?
  3. I'm a creative junky! Whether it be crafting, painting, drawing, photography, building, baking, cooking, makeup, hair, fashion, music, or sewing - it all kick-starts my creative-crafty heart!
  4. I'm a Jesus loving girl and believe that his grace is boundless! Asking myself what would Jesus do is not just a slogan but something I try to take to heart (it's not always easy though). My place is to love people, and that is such a gift!
  5. My favorite ice cream is green tea ice cream. It's amazing! Especially from our local mom and pop ice cream store.
  6. I'm married to the love of my life and my best friend!
  7. I'm a bit of a tattoo fan! I have a full sleeve and I'm always thinking of what to add next. 
  8. I'm inspired by relationships and people. I love, love basically.
  9. My family is a big part of my heart.
  10. I really enjoy the study of Psychology! If I had the patience for more collage I would become a Psychologists I think.
  11. I really enjoy watching surgeries. I find it interesting.
  12. I'm dyslexic. Not severely but I do spell things back-wards from time to time and numbers and I have a dodgy relationship.
  13. When I was younger I wanted to be a singer and I still dream of writing music more steadily. 
  14. I believe that you get back what you put in most of the time, especially with people.
  15. It hurts my heart to watch Animal Cops on Animal planet. 
  16. I LOVE horror movies and can watch them all the live long day. I'm lucky I married a man who will watch them with me whenever I want!
  17. I want at least 3 kids. We'll see how I do after 1 though.
  18. I was home schooled and I loved it! I hope I can home school my kids too!
  19. I'm just starting to get into gardening. I still kill plants a lot though. 
  20. I LOVE going to thrift stores! I wont even step into one if I know I can't bring anything home. 
  21. My Birthday is June 11th, 1984. 
  22. I am not a night club type of person. I would rather stay home and watch a movie or go out for coffee any day- or night. 
  23. I dance a lot in my house.
  24. I hate folding laundry and putting it away. 
  25. I love shoes and accessories! 
  26. Red lipstick is a staple in my make up bag. 
  27. I collect Salt and pepper shakers and cupcake anything.
 Look ma! I'm 27!
    There it is! A looooong list of junk about me. If you made it through the whole list then you are my friend. I don't even care if we have never met! =D

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see ya around here more often! And feel free to leave a comment! I love hearing from people!

    Stay Inspired,