Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gone But Not For Long!

Has anyone else been beyond busy? Because I have! Also, erm, I've kinda got a DIY blockage. I've been working on building something and I've been kind of been hating it. So I'm taking forever to finish it. It will pay off but man I wish these things were done! No sense in wishing when I'm the only one that can make that dream come true!

Besides that I have been focusing on an online photography class that I've been in for the last 6 weeks. It's through Amanda Gilligan and it's beginners photography course that has been nothing short of amazing for me.  Not only is the class diverse with students from all over the globe but there are so many different photography mediums being used by all the students that it's made me excited to get my old film and Polaroid cameras out and give'em a try sometime. I love my DSLR but I'm really looking forward to experimenting with film and Polaroid! And Amanda herself uses all these different mediums too so she is able to help everyone no matter what they're using.

Annnnyyywaaaaayyyyy, We're winding down in the class with one week left. I finished the homework for last week and I thought I would share The assignment was to tell a story with a series of pictures. I'm finding that I really like working in series so this was really cool to do once I figured out what I wanted to tell a story about.

What was my story about? It was the story of baking. Yes, that simple.  And here's the link to the recipe if y'all want it!

Flourless Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Tip on how I made my cookies - I cut the walnut amount in half and added a cup and half of chocolate chips. I also beat the mixture without the walnuts and chocolate ships for about 4 minutes with my hand mixer on medium to develop a little stiffness in the egg whites so the cookies didn't spread out so much when I put the batter on the cookie sheets.

Well here ya go! My story of how a delicious cookie came to be:




  1. I am going to make these now....;)

    Mary in NZ

  2. Oh you should! They are SO good! Perfect for when you need a death by chocolate something. =D

  3. Recently came across your blog - somehow from google (perhaps looking for a tutorial?) and am glad I dropped in! Your blog is all kinds of goodness!

    Those cookies look delicious and I'm loving the tattoos!

    Have a wonderful week!


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