Friday, August 19, 2011

Lets Drool Together Friday - Ruche

This is the only time I'm sure you'll hear me say this - Thank you FaceBook ads. I know, we all usually hate those tailor made ads on the side of our Facebook pages (or anywhere for that matter) and we care for them so little that we just ignoring them. I totally get it. 99% I never look at'em! They are right up there on my annoying scale along with me wearing all black and walking out of the house with my butt covered in a bunch of blonde and ginger hair from my beloved dog,  Abby's, thick coat of fur. Just wonderful. 
But one of these tricky little money steeling ads caught my eye..... And I clicked...  And.....Amazing. What wonder!  And only one word....
A pinch of Forever 21, a dash of Anthropology, and a couple tablespoons of classic silhouettes and vintagey love. You got me. And they even have some plus size stuff too! FAB! 
Here are some of my fav things. To be honest this isn't even the beginning of it! My eyes alone spent at least $1500. Good thing they don't have a bank account of their own!

And don't even get me started on their Home and Office stuff!

Look at how cute! There is tons more eye candy from where this came from too. I swear. 

Basically, you HAVE to go check out their stuff! If I didn't have a reason to try and get in shape I would now! Simply beautiful creations mixed together perfectly. 

In. Love. 


P.S. Sorry for the picture heavy post! I seriously had over a 100 tabs open in my browser just trying to pick out some stuff of theirs to show you! 

P.P.S I'm not in cahoots with this company at all. No advertisement agreement or anything like that.  This is strictly me just loving on this place. They don't even know I exist basically. =)   


  1. Ack! I'm on the edge of my seat excited about this. You've nailed the description. I think they've got a hint of Urban Outfitters without too much sass. Anyway, love the pictures, but I'm sort of antsy because their site is down for maintenance. Why? *pouty face*

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog Andrea! (via Shoot by Design :))

    Although, am regretting it now as opened up that Ruche site and want to buy EVERYTHING! haha

    x Mary

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE that site - thanks for pointing me in that direction! My hubby will not thank you, however.


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