Monday, August 15, 2011

A Couple Free Presets For Lightroom!

Any other Lightroom users out there? Wellll I am one of them. I love it! It's pretty user friendly and a solid/powerful photo editing tool. I don't know it backwards and forwards or anything, but I haven't found one thing I don't like about it so far. If I'm editing pictures it is my go to program. I plan on jumping into  photoshop more once I get my desktop up and running (right now I only have a laptop that I work off of). But I'm pretty happy with my Lightroom as for now.

I learned how to make my own Presets (Presets are to Lightroom what Actions are to Photoshop) and I wanted to share a couple with you guys for your own use in Lightroom. 

If you need instructions on how to install the presets here are a couple good links! One of the awesome picture takin ladies from my photography class I'm in, shared this awesome video on how to install and I found the accompanying written directions. And just for the record I use the "Lame"way of filing my Presets but it works for me! Hehe! So do what works for you too! Have fun guys!

Written Directions:

Video Directions:

Sweet Beach: Pastel with a slight vintagey feeling.


Punch: (As in a lil punch of color) =D


Cooling: Cool tones with a lil up lighting and vignette. 


Click below to download all these Presets:

These are generally Presets for .jpeg files but I'm sure you could try them over a RAW file and twittle with them a bit till they work. =)

I hope y'all injoy using these! =D  No credit back to me is necessary but I just ask that you do not use the presets that I created for financial gain in anyway shape or form. Thank you much!

As for now I'm back to my lazy day and basking in the glow of the truly amazing show I went to last night to see my fav solo artist, Adele. I will post about it soon. All I have to say though is that if you get the chance to see her live DO IT! You will not be disappointed. =D


P.S. That's my lil nephew Levi modeling in the first couple picture! Aint he cute! His momma happens to be a super talented photographer too and you can see her over at Amy Snow Photography.  Keepin the talent in the family! Hehe! 

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