Friday, July 22, 2011

The Man Corner

So I finally finished my husbands lil nook in a our bedroom. Our room is almost on the verge of being "girly", so I wanted to make sure his corner wasn't too white and bright, but still fit in with the rest of the room. So here's what I got:

A map and shelf with some pictures and wood tones. I've been falling in love with vintage maps and this was my first buy! It's just a re-print of an old map, but I got it at our local art store for $5.00. The frame I got from Ikea. You just can't beat their prices on frames(and a lot of other stuff) my friends! At least not that I've found. If anyone has any good tips on cheap, good lookin frames feel free to let me know! =D As for the shelf, I bought it at the goodwill for $3.50, the big frame was $3.50 on clearance, and everything else was given to us or free. Pretty neat if ya ask me! 

Nothing too fancy but it adds a lil something to his side of the room. The pictures I printed of us to put in the big frame all came out pretty washed out because our printer is dying. But I still went with it. I'll probably end up changing them out when we get a new printer or if I ever remember to order prints-which is not likely.

Y'all have seen my side of our room but just for comparison, here is what our lil love nest looks like now.

So thar she blows! =)

Oh! And here is a picture of our first little harvest from our garden.

Sweet peas, bush beans, and one little baby tomato. It was cute and tasty (and so were the beans)!

Well I'm off for now. My little one and half year old nephew, Levi,  is staying with us this weekend while his parents are taking a mini vacay to celebrate their 4 year anniversary! They got the cutest little get away cottage on the water too! I get to kick it with my lil nephew who is prettyy flippin cool in my book and keeps us laughing so this weekend will be goodHe is already kind of a ham! Anyway, I hope everyone hasa fab weekend and see ya's next week! =D


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  1. So cute!! I love that map - great idea! I love your blog!! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by the Ugg-duck, Andrea! That's a great map, by the way. My answer to your question got a little lengthy, so I've included it back on the post you commented on. Hope to see you stop by again soon!

  3. I definitely think I will have to take the idea of a his and hers side to the bedroom (though I think my BF will demand more than a corner).


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