Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Heart Faces Challenge: Props

For the I <3 (heart) Faces challenge!

I've really been wanting to do a 20's feeling shoot but finding a model is not always the easiest thing, so I modeled for my own shoot the other day! Lol! What a nerd right! But it was fun to get all dolled up. Playing dress up is one of my fav past times and this allowed me to be a lil more dramatic and whimsical with my look. Fun times.

My "props" are my lighted mirror, necklace (that I'm wearing in my hair.), and the flowers my neighbor gave us.   
I <3 Faces Photo Challenge

There were a couple others I liked that I uploaded to my flickr. You can see them in my flickr stream on the right hand side of this page too. A bit embarrassing to have so many pictures of myself up! Trust me, I'm not that vain though! I just wanted them to be visible so people could see them and I could kind of have them as part of my portfolio. They wont be there forever though. Anyway, thanks for lookin in! =D



  1. Neat reflection! I love the vintage look too!

  2. Thanks for coming by too! If we lived closer, I'd totally swap vintage shoots with you! It would be fun to model like that. But, I think you created some really neat self portraits!

  3. Oh I think these are BEAUTIFUL!! I bet it was hard to pick a favorite! REALLY nicely done!

  4. Great work and so much harder when you are in it yourself! Love it!

  5. your make up is amazing!! I love the whole idea!!

  6. Such a fun shoot! We did a big '20's lesson in school culminating in a roaring 20's party with a speakeasy and it was so much fun.

  7. Love the perspective of this. Great job on the self portrait too! :)


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