Monday, July 18, 2011

And We're Back! Old Windows? AWESOME! Window Organizer Tutorial.

Hey There! 

So I'm FINALLY back! After unwinding for a bit after the crazy wedding I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. The wedding went off without a hitch though (or with a hitch, depending on the way you look at it. Yeah, that's right, I went there.)! I can't wait to show you guys what we did though! I'll be posting about it (with pictures) in the next couple weeks. I actually really missed blogging. But, taking a lil time to ones self is necessary at times....I guess.... But! I have a renewed vigor for all my creative thangs! I'm going to get back on the ball as far as getting back into my artsy niche. New things are comen down the pipe! 

The one thing I have kept up with over the month is my photography though. I added a lil feed to my flickr down on the right of my blog. So feel free to have a looksies if ya please. =)

The project I bring to you today though is one I'm kind of really excited about. It's one I've been wanting to do for MONTHS now! But not having anywhere to put it was definitely a factor in not getten'er done so to speak. Now that my craft/guest room is on it's way (yes, there's a post about that coming along too) I finally have somewhere to put it! So without further ado, here is my latest project!

Heads up, there a a lot of pictures in this post! =D I like you guys to be able to see it all!

My Window Organizers

So how do you get this:

To this?:

Well, let me show you!

What you'll need:

  1. Window(s).
  2. Chalkboard Paint.
  3. Paint brush or sponge.
  4. Cardboard, or cork board for your pin board. I had cardboard on hand so that's what I used.
  5. Hot glue gun.
  6. Some lovely fabric of your choice. At least a half a yard.
  7. Some 1-hole "D" ring hangers and Picture wire. Each of my frames are probably about 15 lbs each so just to be safe I got the 30 lb D rings and picture wire.  
  8. Philips screwdriver and wire cutters. 
  9. A stencil if you would like and whatever color paint you want it in.
  10. Painters tape and or Q-tips - Optional.

 1. Clean Those Dirty Things Up!
I bought my windows at an old neighbors garage sale and they were super dirty! 

After a bunch of clorox cleaning wipes and windex they were all pretty again!

Look at those babies shine! You can even see my dog Abby staring longingly out the back sliding glass windows, wishing she could go fight with the next door neighbors dogs through the fence. Dogs will be dogs right? Anyway, The windows cleaned up nicely. 

2. Chalkboard Paint!
I think I put about 4 coats on each window. You could use painters tape if you want here. I didn't have the patients for it though so I just used Q-tips to clean up any slips I made. 

Having a little fun with paint. Sorry, I couldn't resist!

I took this picture at around the second coat so you can see why I did 4.

After the coats dry this is when you can throw a stencil on if you want. I did some flowery designs kiddie corner to each other to give the windows a lil more eye catching appeal.  

3. Cut Your Cardboard Or Cork Board to Fit Your Window.
I simply measured the pane of glass and then measured that out on my cardboard  and cut it out. Wham, bam, thank ya ma'am! 

Then do your dry fit and trim as needed. 

4. Now It's Time for Some Lovely Fabric.
I lucked out in that a half a yard was perfect for my piece of cardboard/center window. If you have some cool fabric laying around that you love then use it! But if your on a budget and you'll need to go buy your fabric then just be sure to measure out how much you'll need to fit your cardboard. I would say have at least an inch to 2 inches extra would be fine. You just want to be sure that you have enough to wrap it around to the back to glue it down. 

 Isn't this fabric cute!? I got it on sale for $5.00 a yard!

And here's another dry fit. I just wanted to make sure there's enough wrap around to the back.

Then glue down! Just make sure it's taught where ever you glue so it's not frumpy and loose looking in the front.  

And done!

5. Time to Attach!
Now you want to glue the board to the window to make your pin board.

And press'er down!

Kinda cool huh? =D 

And done!

6. Time to Hang'em.
Here's what I used to mank my windows hangable. 

And they worked great! I did one D-ring on each side of the windows and then put the picture wire on.

Now just hang them where you want them and you're done! You got yourself a functioning, completely customized piece of you, looking pretty on your wall!

Add a couple things in and you're set. I wanted this for my crafty organizer/inspiration board to hang over my sewing table. I added a little shelf and some other little organizational things. Still not sure what I'm going to do with those jars. Maybe fabric scraps? Any idea's are welcome. All I know is I love them and want them there even if they're just to look at. =D 

And yes that is my sewing machine. She is a beaut! I love her to death! As in I will never let her die. Haha! Every time I think about buying a newer one I just try to think about what I'm really missing. Yeah, she can't do a million different types of stitches but she gets the job done and has never let me down. She has done everything I've asked of her. 

Also I'm a bit sentimental about'er. My mom is a master seamstress and she has always collected sewing machines here and there. So I've grown up with sewing all around me my whole life. My mom is one of the most creative people I know (besides just sewing) and I only hope that I can be the amazing artist that she is. My mom raised me and my 2 brothers as a single parent after my dad passed when we were young. As you can imagine we didn't have a lot of money. When I graduated from high school she gave me thit sewing machine as my graduation gift. She gave me what she could and I love it. I will have it forever.

Anyway, here are a couple more pictures for your viewing pleasure.=)

Have I mentioned that I love it! This whole area is a little promise of what the rest of my craft room is going to be. There's more to come on this room but that's for another post! 

If you wanted you could also paint the frames a fun color. I kinda wanted them to keep their rough around the edges look so I kept the paint that was already on there. =)

Well it's good to be back. If this post sounded loopy at all it's because I have a weird cold. I say "weird" cold because it's just like a normal cold except my head is not really floaty feeling and I have little bursts of energy. Usually when I have a cold I can barely make a coherent sentence. But look at me now! I'm bloggin! =D

Here's a lil sneak peak into the wedding decor I put together. This is the cake topper I made. I'm still waiting to find more pictures of the decor I put together. I was so busy being wedding planner that I didn't get a chance to take many pictures at the wedding. So I'm trying to gather more from some of the other wedding guests. Once I haven them though I'll do a post. Also I have a post coming up for some no sew window valences. =D

Anyway, thanks for being patient with me and it's good to be back! =D



P.S. My friend in the last post that I asked y'all to vote for so she could win a free engagement picture sesh, Well SHE WON!!! So thank you to all who voted. Y'all rule! =D

Time to Party! 


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  1. I adore this. I'm pinning it so I can show my friends who think I'm crazy for nabbing old windows at flea markets. I think this is cooler than cool.

    I'm your newest follower.

  2. collect buttons in the jars or at least a jar. It's super cute, especially if you have fun buttons.

  3. Small Good - I love old windows!!! We don't see them around here too much though so I nabbed them up when I saw them too! And thanks for pinning and following! =D

    Beth - I thought of that too! I have a lil jar of buttons but nowhere close to filling any of these jars. I'll have to keep a look out for more buttons! I could do buttons, fabric scraps (good for quilting), and then maybe lace and ribbon scraps in the last jar...I like this idea so far! =D

  4. What a great tutorial! I love the finished project too, and all your detail shots of the room. Way to go! If I ever find old windows, I'll have to try this!

  5. THAT LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!!! Wow, amazing job!
    I happily found you on Someday Crafts, and am your newest follower! :)

  6. I love this/ I am going to bookmark for future use. Thanks for the terrific project.

  7. Such a clever idea! I love recycling/upcycling! I bet it's a type of project you could easily get carried away with... a whole room full of windows? Don't mind if I do! :]

    xo Amy

  8. Absolutely, positively fabulous!! This is such a clever idea and it all looks darling, especially with that blue sewing machine in there too. :-) You did a fantastic job on this and we are so glad that you linked it up to our Inspiration Friday party...hope to see lots more of you in the future!

  9. I love it. The vintage vibe is fabulous. I'd like to craft there.

  10. Oh my I love this so much :) What a great space now!

    Fancy Frugal Life

  11. I am going to hunt down some old windows now. This would be fabulous in my kitchen. This is awesome!

  12. Adorable...

    I'd love for you to share it at my link party... I hope to see you there ;)

  13. Wow...super cute. I have 2 old windows in my garage this very gave me a great idea..thanks! Love your sewing room and your machine! Happy sewing. Found you on the Tatertots and Jello link!

  14. Awesome!! I have an old window waiting for new life. This is great!!


  15. How awesome is this? I have wanted to do this for a long time but have never been able to find windows. So jealous!

  16. Love what you did with the old windows and I adore the story of the sewing machine your mother gave you. Aren't mothers great. I adore mine so much and it sound like you do yours. Thanks so much for sharing.

    stop by and say hi.

  17. Great use of old windows. I featured this on my blog tonight.

  18. Love this!! So cute!! I am visiting from Tatertots and Jello and I am a new follower! I would love if you would come link this up to my Delicately Constructed linky party!!
    Hope you have a great weekend and I see you around soon!

  19. I have a couple of old window frames just waiting for a makeover. Cute idea!

  20. Wow! So cute! I love the colors and that sewing machine is fabulous! Enjoy your space!
    Jenn :)

  21. What a great idea! I love your sewing machine- love the whole room! Looks like a fun room to be in! Love your style!

    Ashley J @

  22. Love this! I love old windows but never know what to do with them, this is a fantastic solution!

  23. Super great project. Way to go! I also got my mom's old sewing machine as a hs graduation present when money was extra tight for my family. It's an old Bernina, was originally my mom's hs graduation present from her mom, and still works like a charm! I love it and I'm grateful to be the one who got it.

  24. This is so awesome! I just saw something like this in a magazine and wanted to try it! So glad that it can turn out cute! Love it!

  25. I LOVE this! Such a great idea, thanks for sharing! Found you on TT&J :)

  26. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! It's so cool to connect with other crafty ladies out there! I love the crafty/DIY community. You guys all inspire me a million times over! =D

    If by chance anyone decided to give this a try, let me know! I would love to see what others come up with! =D

    Blue. Lace. House.

  27. Love the windows. Wish I had a lkarger car. May just have to borrow hubbies truck and head to town and drive the streets on garbage day. Am always seeing old windows out at the curb for the garbage men.

    And I agree the buttons , scraps of fabric, lace and ribbons all would be great in those pretty little jar.

    I love the story of your sewing machine. I had my granmothers old singer from back in the 40's. I loved it. Loaned it to a friend to do some mending and her husband sold it. I was very upset, hjeartbroken as the machine was the best I ever have used.

  28. These are freakin awesome! I am absolutely in love and want them for my own!

  29. Wow!! Thats soo cool!! But I had a question: How do you attach stuff on the cardboard window? Do you use thumbtacks, pushpins or tape? Very curious to know!

  30. Hey Sal! I use some extra floral pins I have on hand actually. They are just like normal sewing pins but then have a tear drop shaped fake pearl at the end. They are just too pretty, so I had to find a use for them (I had bought them for some flower bouquets I was putting together my by best friend's wedding).

    Really anything pointy and sharp you want to use would work though. One thing I left out of my post is that I actually tried magnet paint on the front of the board in the hopes that I could just use magnets. The magnet paint did not work though so I just stuck with pins. Let me know if you have any more questions and thanks so much for stopping by! =)


  31. What a fun project! So creative :)

  32. Whoa, I was surprised that you've transformed that so-so window to a cool window! It needs a lot of artistry to do that! How I wish I have the kinky mind like yours. I hope the wedding was all good. :)

  33. Wow! it turns out all fabulous, I love the transformation of the windows they looked great. You did an awesome job. Your husband will surely love you for that and best wishes as well. Stay happy and beautiful. Big Thanks.

    Charles A

  34. i Love this! love the vintage window with chalk paint the clever!

  35. Olá Andrea!
    Fiquei encantada com o seu trabalho com a janela.
    Ela ficou linda.
    Gostei tanto que lhe peço permissão para postar no meu blog para que meus leitores conheçam seus trabalhos.
    Obrigada por compartilhar conosco o tutorial.
    Beijos, felicidades e parabéns pelo blog.

  36. Hi,Thanks for leading me to your Blog from a comment left on my Blog, some great stuff here, will bookmark it,Thanks again!

  37. Replies
    1. The post is giving some beautiful ideas about windows and how yiu can decortae them


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