Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Madness!!

The wedding is on Saturday and I've been busier then ever! But I think I got almost everything done that I needed to be done. At least for the time being. =) Today it's time to pick out flowers and then the bride (my bestie) gets here tonight. 

Yesterday I was working on these:

Some faux, country style, no sew, valences for the windows at the wedding site. I think there might be a lil tutorial comeing about these babies. They're SO easy! And I think they'll look great! =D

And guess who kept me company, and uh, I guess kept the fabric warm for me?

My kitty Busy. Yes her name is Busy. She is quite the busy cat and pretty much only likes me. She's part Siamese and I think that's where the "I only really like Andrea and I'll tolerate that dude she's married too I guess" attitude comes from. Anyone who gets to pet her is always amazed because she usually runs away or gives'em a nasty glare if they try and pet her. She makes me feel a little special though because I am her fav. LOL! She's a booger to say the least but she's my booger. =)

And on another note! I could use a little help from anyone who has a FaceBook! One of my bestest friends is trying to win a free engagement shoot for her and her faience. If you go here, "like" Jason Hicks Photography, and then just leave a comment under this gorgeous girl's picture (you could even leave one once a day if ya wanted=D ), I would be forever grateful! It would only take a sec and it really would be helping a sista out! =D Pretty please with a cherry on top! lol!

Ok y'all, I'm glad I could stop in for a sec and say hi. We're in the final days of the wedding so wish us luck!  

Everyone have an AMAZING weekend and I'll be back posting like normal next week!


Credit: Image of my beautiful friend Sarah taken by Jason Hicks Photography.


  1. BeautyFull valances. Can't wait to see them in real life. Nancy has some in her breakfast nook; she fills them with crumbled up newspaper to make them look fuller. Just a little tip. : )

  2. Amy- Thank ya! I hope they look good when they're up on the windows. The windows are very, um, grand I guess you could say. I'm just hoping these wont look too small for the windows but we'll see. My mom told me about stuffing them with paper too. If I can remember I'll bring some along. I'm glad everything is winding down! =)

  3. I can't wait to see pictures of this make sure I can somehow ;) -Lis

  4. The valances are super cute! :] I keep telling myself now that I got a sewing machine I'll start sprucing up the house. Still have yet to do so... ;]


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