Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Would Like to Welcome the Newest Addition to the Family....

Her name is Allie.

And she is a Canon EOS 60D.

After waiting for a year or so, I finally have the Camera of my dreams! She is everything I hoped for and more!! She was Delivered to my door step just this morning. It was a fabulous thing to wake to!

 I've been a fan of photography for years now. When I was 19 I got my first little digital point and shoot camera for $40 at Fry's during one of their Black Friday Sales. It over exposed everything.

 Me at age 20.

But I kind of liked it so I kept using it. I would do artsy photoshoots with myself like when I dressed up like a "geisha". At least what I interpreted as a geisha with what I had. No, it wasn't Halloween. I think it was June or July actually. You have to remember that I was kind of a crazy rock-n-roll girl back then so I was a bit bold and in your face in my presentations of just about everything.

There's a little bit of how I came to realize what a camera could do and the artistic expression one could do through it. I still remember the moment I realized that I should at some point in my life try photography. I would say it was about 3 years ago. I was looking through my collection of pictures I've collected off the internet. They were just random pictures that moved or inspired me. But I had hundreds. I remember thinking to myself "Gees, I have a lot of pictures from everywhere. I think I'm a fan of photography. One day I'm going to try it". Which when I look back and see how visual presentation has always been a form of expression for me in one way or another, it makes sense that I would try this avenue.

About a year or so ago I started researching what kind of DSLR camera I should get. I wanted one that I could grow into. One that would be easy to use for a newbie like me but one that I could eventually feel confident enough to take off auto and play with the settings so I could come up with a look I would want my photos to have. I initially came up with the Canon 7D. It was a little user friendly but it was mostly starting to get up there into a more pro series. I had also thought that the Rebal t2i would be a great back up camera and one that my hubby could use.

Fast forward to now, my budget was not exactly fitting for the 7D so I decided I would go for the Rebal t2i. After all I have a couple friends that have this camera and they LOVE it! My best friend is getting married so I really wanted a good camera for the wedding. I compared the images between the Rebal T2I and the 7D and I could see a difference. Both give AWESOME pictures though so don't get me wrong here. For me though I just liked the 7D pictures a little better. It's just a preference thing and I think we will still get the T2I eventually as a back up. I still wanted to see if there was another Camera out there that might meet in the middle of the 2 cameras I actually wanted. SO I visited the Canon web site and that's when I saw the 60D. After reading review after review, it seemed as though I found my middle man! It has a lot of different things that are pulled from both the 7D and the T2I, but the biggest thing for me was that it shoots like the 7D. So basically I didn't pay as much as I would have if I bought the 7D but I still get the image quality I want. SO EXCITING!!!

So here is a peek at some of the pictures I took today. I have not messed with Allie at all and she's just on Auto for now with no flash. I plan on messing with her settings once I learn a bit more about how all the different components work together.  What better victims then plants and Animals huh?! Hehe!

Click on any of the images to see them larger.

Inside pictures

Outside Pictures

Nothing fancy but I'm just over the moon with the quality of the pictures!! I'm completely smitten to say the least. I can't wait to get to know Allie better! =)


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