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Hanging Frame Jewelry Holder - Tutorial!

Anyone need some more space in their bedroom? I do! Our home is a good size for us at 1435 sf. It's actually the largest house I've ever lived in too! Welcome to California/beach liven! Premium prices for smaller home steads. It's so worth it to us to live by the beach though. Our house was built in the 60's and it has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, dining room, kitchen, family room, and a living room, plus a 2 car garage and you bet your booty we were lucky to get this place! Some times it can feel a little squished here though but over all once we're all organized then I think we'll have a lot more space. As in more space in the garage. That poor thing is stuffed to the brim with boxes still! Work in progress...

These jewelery frames do triple duty in our 10' by 12' master bedroom though. They give me space, organization, and a little artistic flare for our walls. I must say I'm totally in love with these things too. My heart flutters a little every time I walk in and see these hanging and displaying all my jewelery so beautifully! It's a like a mini art gallery of all my thrifted and Clair's pieces.

This was not my stroke of genius at all though. I discovered this idea Here, and kind of ran with it and came up with my own version. I love this idea most of all because it's such a space saver! We have a king size bed that takes up most of our room, 2 bedside tables, and a shelf. We pushed our dressers into our wall length closet. Like I said, these jewelry frames do triple duty, and they do it well!

Hanging Frame Jewelry Holder

What You'll Need:
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors and or a razor blade
  • Pins (to hang your jewelery off of)
  • Frame(s) of your choice
  • Painters fabric drop cloth (I got a 5x5 one at Home Depot for $6.00 and I still have plenty left over)
  • Cardboard
  • A can of Spray paint in the color of your choice
  • Primer (if you feel it's needed for your frames. If they have a really slick surface I would recommend priming first)
If you want to do a Stencil design like mine then make sure to get the following:
  • Fabric paint/stencil paint
  • Paint brush or stencil brushes/sponges
  • Stencil of your choice
  • A fine tipped pen or sharpie.

I picked up all my frames second hand. 3 of them were from a yard sale and the other one I thrifted. Here are all my frames Before!
Excuse the bird! I painted him too but he needs one more coat to be perfect. 
These are vintage ones from a yard sale. The square one with the thick border is so pretty but it's really old so all the detail was starting to crumble off. Painting it really helped save the detail.
Close up of the detail. See, pretty!

Now it's time for painting!
I wiped down and primed all my frames before spray painting them. I just used Kilz. Then I used Rust-olrum's glossy white and it did a BEAUTIFUL job! Super shiny and just what I wanted. 

Cut Your Cardboard!
Now it's time to cut out your frame filler! I laid my frame over a piece of cardboard and traced out the inner size of the frame. I looked on the back of the frame to eyeball how much extra to add on so it would sit perfectly in the back of the frame. It's always better to cut a little more and trim down then have to re-cut a whole new piece.

Thar' She Blows! 

And cut. Now you have your perfect fitting piece of cardboard.

Next, lay your cut out on top of your painters cloth and cute out your piece of cloth about an inch bigger then your cardboard.

Lets Decorate Shall We?
Get your hot glue heated up! It's time for painters cloth and cardboard to become one. I glued a bit down on each of the 4 sides of the board so I would have the right tension so the front side would come out looking tight and flat.
And pull tight.

Back, done!

And front!

Stencil Time!
I thought a stencil would be kind of fun and who doesn't like a little graphics mixed in right? I wanted a kind of a berlap, old school lookin, shipping bag type/anthropology look so I made my own graphic out of a font, and a circle I found on line. I printed it out, traced it on my stencil sheet and cut it out with my handy dandy Stencil Cutter. It ended up making pretty rough edges so I decided to just draw in the stencil and paint it in using fabric paint.
Stencils cut out all ready to go!

If you look close you can see what I mean by "rough". The edges are a bit raggedy. 
Tracing the lines of my Stencil.

Then it's on to painting.
Here is the fabric paint I used. the cashier raved about this stuff too. She said she had done silk screening with it and it was great, and that it has really good coverage and goes on smoothly. I certainly agree with her. =)

I used a flat tipped brush and it made a difference in how sharp I was able to get my lines.

                             3 is my lucky number, =)                            

Hot glue that sucker down! 
Now you can attach your covered cardboard piece to the pack of your frame. I just hot glued where the board would sit in the frame and then put the cardboard piece in. Once the glue is dried YOU'RE ALL DONE!

Arrange them on your wall as you please and hang'em up! I had a little shelf that I picked up at the thrift store so I added that on top of one of the frames to put my other goodies on. I have more perfume and a lot more jewelery to add but it's still packed away. Once I find that box my Jewelery frames will be a lot more full! I just love how they look! My walls are finally looking more like me. Love, love, LOVE! 

This is how my side of the room looks now. I <3 it MUCHO! =)

And in case you're wondering, on the other side of my the room (my hubs side) I'm going to hang a vintage map of Europe above his night stand. I'm trying to throw in a little masculinity here. Maybe a shelf for him to put his wallet and stuff too? I'll post when I figure it out.

As for now I'm off to work on my craft room! We had put a bunch of stuff in there when we moved so it was full. We just emptied it out yesterday though. We took off the closet doors and I have 2 layers of wall paper to remove. Much more to come on that room! I'm uber exited about it though!


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  10. Hey! Thanks all so much! I really had a great time making these and I'm so glad that everyone is enjoying them too! If anyone else makes these (whether they're like mine or with your own twist) let me know! I would love to see'em! I love creative ping pong and I get so inspired seeing what everyone else is doin! =)

    And thanks to the hostesses who invited me to post on your link up parties! There is so much cool stuff out there and I'm glad to post with so many talented people. =)

    Blue. Lace. House.

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  23. Hi'ya! I used sewing pins to hang the jewelry on. I'm not sure what the type of pin are called but they look like the ones in the link below. I bought them at my local craft/fabric store. Hope that helps. =)

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  27. This is the greatest and easiest DIY framed jewelery holder project I've seen yet! Thanks a bunch. These are so pretty I can't wait to make them this weekend! I can even use them for props in my etsy shop!


  28. I'm so glad y'all like them! They really are so helpful and have been helping me keep all my jewelry organized! =D


  29. what kind of pins did you use?

  30. Just plain silver sewing ones. You can get a big pack of them at your local fabric store. =)



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