Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going to the Chapel....

And 3 of my besties are getting married! Wow! And do I love it! But I have been all consumed with helping  the first bestie getting married DIY a bunch of decorations! It's a country style, laid back kind of wedding and we're maken things like this:

 Into this!

It's supposed to look like old country signs that were painted real fast like. We were going to use scraps of new wood I had laying around but my bestie, Ashley, said she wanted some old looking wood. So I started figuring out how we could give new wood an aged look (which I saw an interesting tutorial that looked easy. You just mix water and baking soda and spray it on your wood and an hour later you have aged lookin wood. It worked in the video tutorial and I would be interested to try it). BUT! Around my home town there are a lot of old beautiful Victorian homes (drool), and we were walking past one when we saw a pile of a bunch of rotten, termite eaten wood planks that were PERFECT! And the owner was sitting on the porch. So after a "Can we take some of this wood for some wedding signs pretty please with a cherry on top?" he said yes! So there it is! Very excited. We still have a lot more to do but it will all be great! More pics to come. 

On another note: This is what happens when we go shopping when we're hungry.
Look at that! You will almost never find stuff like this in our house. I realized that when we were shopping I  (and the hubsters) felt like a 12 year old that realized I could buy whatever I wanted. These are all foods I used to eat when I first moved out of my childhood house. Why? Because I could and it wouldn't show up on my hips unlike now! But it was good for a once in a while thing.

 But just so you know,

Is delicious! 

So, as for the next couples days? More wedding stuff! 

Oh! And I will be posting an update on my craft room re-do in the next couple days. I'm super torn about the color. I'll show ya later though! Happy pre-Easter planning and what not! =)



  1. So cool that the owner just gave you the wood. How nice! I had to laugh at your pictures of "shopping when you're hungry." I also buy absolutely absurd things when I go grocery shopping hungry. Not good for the budget or my waistline!

  2. I know! I think everyone has had some of those shopping trips! The one things that didn't get in the picture was big bag of Sour Patch Kids. It wasn't in the picture because my hubs had eaten them all already! Carbs and sugar are all I want when I'm hungry and in the store. So silly! =)



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