Friday, April 29, 2011

The Fat Fanshionista! Post #2: Tips for Wearing Stripes.

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This is how our bed looks after I've tried to figure out what I'm wearing for the day. And believe it or not, this is not even bad. I can get pretty out of control when it comes to finding the right mix of pieces to wear. But oh how I love my clothes! =D

Aaaaaaanyway! This is me pulling off wearing stripes!

 Sorry the picture is a little blurry! Better ones below! =)

Me and stripes have a little bit of a dodgy past. Any full figured girl knows what I'm talking about. Stripes basically can be very unflattering. But I had a couple tricks up my sleeve with this outfit!

First, I picked the right size of stripes for my body. Sounds kind of weird right? Well, truth is, the larger a print the more it will look proportional on a larger figure. I learned this from my mom who is a master seamstress and attended a couple clothing design courses back in the day. That woman is gold I tell ya! And this also goes for almost any patterned fabric. Wear it proportionally to your figure. The smaller the pattern on a larger surface the bigger it makes you look. Of course there are exception because the cut/design of a dress or shirt or whatever, can also have flattering aspects to so that can fix that whole issue of flattering or not sometimes too. But with a flat shirt that hugs the body a little bit, these are the guide lines for me. Larger prints for my figure!

Second, I used my trusty black button sweater to help the flattering effect too! This really does two things for my figure. The black it's self is totally flattering. When you're feeling like your having a fat day, what do you throw on if you have to go to the store? Black! Well at least I do. Anyway, the black blocking on either side of the body helps with the slimming effect too.  Second, my sweater is covering the ends of were the stripes end on me. By adding in a solid color on either side of the stripes it draws the eye to your center where the pattern is. Where as a top of just stripes draws your eyes to your width where the pattern ends.

  Here's a closer inspection! My fingers look majorly weird! HAHA! =D

And there ya are! That's how I pull off stripes! Add an accessory and bam! You're ready to head out the door! 



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