Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Are Sleeping and Snacking Well!

I was sitting in our living room typing when I hear the hubs quietly chit-chatting in the kitchen. He sounded pretty happy. I was sure he wasn't on the phone as his volume was lower then it would be if he was, and there was no one else in the house but him and me. "Who could he be talking to?" I thought. I walk around the corner to see no one but him with a little bit of a surprised/shy look on his face. Guess who he was chatting with?

 His new fav snack - Chips with Salsa and Cottage Cheese.

I never thought a snack would inspire him to whisper sweet nothings to it. It must really be magical to his taste buds. =P

But his little smile was pretty cute after I caught him. He got a small peck for this one!

Action Shot.

On to other news. I was pretty busy this weekend because......I finished our bed frame!! We are now sleeping wonderfully on it with our new sleep number bed too! I'm going to do a series of posts on the building and what not of the bed frame. It was pretty easy except for a couple hick-ups when putting it together but nothing that wasn't easily fixed. 

The picture is awful because I had to piece together a couple different pictures that didn't fully fit together in Picasa, buuuuut it's all I could manage for tonight. You'll get the idea though. Much better pictures on the way though!

Life is good and so is our warm, comfy bed!



  1. What can I say, it's a pretty epic snack... and bed. Great job babykins! =)

  2. Wow! Your bed looks awesome! You're so inspiring. And I love the duvet. Also, I'm gonna have to try that snack.

  3. That is too funny, whispering sweet nothings to his salsa and cottage cheese. But that does sound good and I have tot try it now.

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. The snack is actually pretty good. I liked it when I tried it. =)

    And Thanks Yvonne! I'm supper happy I finally finished making the bed!


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