Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Walk Through Cost Plus World Market

I've been doing a new thing where I bring my camera everywhere I go. There have been so many times that I've seen something that I wish I could capture; a white, bare tree against a fall background, a pop of color and texture, capturing someone I love in a light that I wish they could see themselves in too, the vastness of everything compared to us small human beings....These things that I wish I could take a picture of. Something to capture that beauty, these moments that pass only once and never come back to us. Imagery moves me so much. So I decided that if these things inspire me then why not try and capture them if I can. I am no pro at all and I know pretty much nothing about photography except that I connect with the creativity of it and it's an art form that I'm focusing more on exploring.

My sister-in-law asked if I wanted to go to Cost Plus with her and of course I said yes! I love that store! I could easily blow a chunk of change in there. But, since I don't have a chunk of change, pictures will do juuuust fine. To be honest after getting home I almost felt like I had shoppers guilt. You know when you buy something you know you shouldn't of? We've all been there. But this was awesome because I took so many pictures of everything that I kind of felt like I got to take everything home! It sounds a little cheesy but it's true! And really, if I ever like something enough I'm learning that there is almost always a way to DIY it for much less or find something that works or feels the same way a certain piece that I love does.

Anyway here are some of the pictures. Nothing fancy or anything but I had fun. =)

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! =)


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