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My 6 Minute Face: A Makeup Look When You're On The Run!

 If you haven't heard already, this is one thing about me you should know: I love me some make up! I'm the girl who has to wear a little bit of blush and Mascara even if I'm going to a swim. I can EASILY spend an hour or more just doing my makeup. And going into MAC or Sephora- forget about it! I can spend hours in these places! I just love the stuff! 

Buuuut with this love affair comes some disapproval. Mostly with how much time we can spend together. When I'm getting ready for a girl's night out, guess who is the last one ready? Raises hand-Me! On date night my hubs is always waiting for me to be done. I just get sucked into it. Trying to make every detail look perfect. Layering color, blending, contouring, a couple coats of mascara, I can just go on aaaaand on. 

When I found a look that I could throw on in just a couple of minutes though my friends, family, and hubs were all relieved to say the least! I call it My 6 Minute Face, because obviously, I can do it in 5 to 6 minutes. If you are not a makeup person I would say it might take ya little warm up time but you'll have the hang of it in no time. This is a really easy look and is great for beginners

This look is simple, youthful, and natural with a little hint of sheen for an eye catcher. And believe me! It is a SUCH time savor too! I would say this is a perfect look for any woman who is not super into makeup, busy moms, or anyone who needs to get out the door fast but doesn't want to look like they just rolled out of bed. This look is hard to mess up so it really is a great, fast, fall back for an everyday look that will give ya a fresh, perked up glow!

So here we go!

6 Minute Face

What I Use:

1. Cover Girl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

2. Revlon Color Stay pressed powder

3. Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study (Soft beige with a gold pearl frosty look)

4. Sephora collection Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in Exciting Safari 49 (a golden wheat with a shimmer)

5. Sephora Collection nano Eyeliner in Midnight black

6. Diorshow Mascera in Black

If you want to try this look but would rather do other colors then try it! That's what's so great about make up, you can wipe it off and try something new. Have fun with it! =)

I started out with my face moisturized and with a little bit of my eyebrows colored in because in certain lights the tails of them disappear. I now wish I had held back on some of that plucking during my teenage year. Oh, lordy! Anyway, I moisturize my lips with Aquafor but cocoa butter will work too or vaseline.

We have 6 steps here and if you spend a minute on each then you'll be done, lookin fabulous and out the door in 6 minutes! 

Steps 1 & 2:

1. Get some foundation on and smooth it out over your skin using your hands or a foundation brush/pad. You don't need to put a ton on, just enough to make a light covering on your face. Make sure to get under the eyes but do don't put any on your top lids, eyebrow bones, or anywhere between the two.

2. Then do a once or twice over with some powder. If you have a powder brush use it! I've found that a powder brush gives a much more even tone to your skin and it is a lot faster then using the pads that come with pressed powder compacts usually.

Steps 3 & 4:

3. I use my MAC paint pot as my primer and believe me it works AWESOME! It keeps my eyeshadow on all day without fading and keeps fallout at bay when I wear glittery eyeshadows. This stuff ROCKS! The MAC website doesn't categorize it as a primer but when I went in to get it in store a girl at the MAC counter recommend it to me. Put it on your top lid to your brow bone. This stuff is great cause I have piled it on but it never gets cakey looking. If you like the color enough you could even skip the next step if you wanted.

(My camera didn't pick up the difference in colors between these two so they kind of look like the same color. The MAC paint pot has a little less Gold look then the eyeshadow and is slightly rose pink toned.)

4. Next I put a good amount of my Sephora eyeshadow in Exciting Safari on my top lid. I then brush whatever excess I have on my finger everywhere else up to my brow bone. I also dab a little bit of the eyeshadow on the inner part of my eye around were the tear duct is. This will give you an awake and bright eyed appearance. It also adds a little sparkle to your eyes. 

Steps 5 & 6:

5. Put a thin line of eyeliner up until about the center of the eye or a little beyond it. This stuff is great because it can smudge a little so you can use your finger to blur the line a bit if you feel like it looks too harsh. Sometimes I'll do that just to add a slight smoky effect. Just use your finger and wipe towards the outer part of your eye. Otherwise on to the next step!

6. Put on a coat or 2 of Mascara on your top and bottom lashes. If you want more curl with less product on your lashes start at the base of your lashes and twist your brush inwards while you push your wand up your lashes. Basically put on your Mascara like you normally would but add a little rolling motion with while holding your wand. This works magic!



Simple, easy, and adds a fresh, light finish to your look. 

It wouldn't hurt to throw on a little lip color if you wanted, or some blush, or bronzer. Whatever you felt like! =)

The hubs Photo-bombing me during my picture taking sesh. He looks so creepy! Pretty awesome! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you have any questions. =D


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  1. Thanks for this Andrea!! I have been bitten by the make-up bug lately and I have no idea what I'm doing. I keep looking at peoples eyelids all day and in magazines. I'm perusing eyeshadow isles like it's my job. I'm in desperate need of guidance. Thanks for this "how-to"! Any book recommendations?

  2. Hey Julia! I was just thinking about you the other day! =D I've had a lot of trial and error through the years so I've kind of learned through that. One place that is AWESOME to learn about dif ways to do your make up is Youtube! This chick is AWESOME!

    Check her out. Otherwise just look for makeup tutorials on youtube and you can watch how other woman achieve a pacific look they are going for and you'll get inspired! As for a book the only one I have is called Making faces


    by Kevyn Aucoin. He was an amazing makeup artist and this book really shows it! Hope this helps. =)


  3. Thanks, that is great! Love the shape of your eyebrows too!

  4. Great make up tutorial thanks ;)


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