Friday, March 11, 2011

Do You Raclette?

 Raclette is amazing. It's delicious and totally fun. I have never experienced anything like it. Potatoes, small pickles, smoked ham and raclette cheese are some of the traditional components that make up the menu.  At my house though (and the couple other raclette parties I've been to) there is always a lot more on the table then that! Aside from being a cheese it's also what gets everything cooked and toasty! There's the cook top where everything gets cooked and then underneath you can basically broil/melt the cheese over whatever you would like in your own little personal dish. And it's a great group dinner too! Everyone gets to try different combinations of everything and make whatever they like. It keeps everyone around the table talking and it's certainly something that no one will ever for get.

The first time I went to a raclette party was when my friend's parents invited me and the hubs over for dinner. When I asked if we could bring anything my friend said "No we have everything for the raclette." Me "a roc-what?" Friend "It's kind of like fondue but not." Me" Okaaayy, I've never done that so this will be cool. Are you sure we can't bring anything?" Friend "Well if you really want to you could bring some cheese. Any kind that you think would be good melted over anything." I love cheese so this was a no brainier. We picked up some brie, and a mild blue cheese and headed over. We got there and got right into it. There was little sides of everything. Potatoes, bread, sauces, veggies, fruit, different meats and cheeses.... the list goes on. Ever since then I've been hooked. Although I only felt inspired to get a raclette of my own after going to my second raclette party, the couple times I've used it, it has always given us a full table of memories and good conversation.

Here's a glimps from last night's raclette party. 

And one of the other best things about raclette? The left overs for the next nights dinner. Stir fry! Our tummies are full tonight again!

So yummy and so worth it! Back to 1500 calories day now. Until next time my little raclette!


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