Thursday, March 10, 2011

DIY Bridesmaid Felt Dahlia Flower Hair Piece!

When I saw this felted dahlia flower I knew I HAD to make it! I thought it would make a rad hair piece though as well as a broach.  So I sent it on to my bestie (Ashley) who is getting married and asked her what she thought about if I made these for all the bridesmaids to wear in their hair. To my complete excitement she said yes (the crafter in me was twiddling her little fingers in anticipation! Pretty much with the same creepy glow in her eyes like Gollum with the Ring). When Ashley was down my way last (she lives 3 hours away.) we went to the local craft store and she picked out the colors she wanted.  The next day I got right to work! It was surprising easy! I put on some Adele and Eisley and the time flew by. I think it took me maybe 45 minutes to complete the flower. Not bad at all and a good thing to do in the evening when the hubs is playing video games.

How to make your own Felt Dahlia!

What you'll need from your fav craft store:
  • Felt in the color of your choice
  • Feathers of your choice
  • Hot Glue Gun with glue sticks (I only say "with glue sticks" cause it sounds like something I would TOTALLY forget!)
  • A jewel or button or anything you would like in the middle
  • Scissors
  • Hair clip/broach pin (I used both so if you're going to a day time BBQ you can broach it up on a cute cardigan and then if you're off to a party for the evening then you can throw it up in your hair. It's basically the Macgyver of accessories.) 
Here we go!

Follow This Tutorial  for what to cut out and how to make the petals. I used a glue gun for the whole thing so if you have one I would recommend using it. It's a complete time saver as far as this project goes.

1. Place your feather on the 3" inch circle where you want them to stick out before you start gluing down your petals. Also make sure your feathers are sticking out nice and long so they don't look stubby after adding the petals on top of them. I had this problem and fixed it by adding a couple more feathers to the back of the circle and cutting out another circle and gluing it over the back of the first one to cover the additional feather quills. You can check how the length will look by just resting one of the petals on to of the feathers and seeing where it hits.

2. Glue those feathery suckers down! I tend to put a lot of glue down because I want to make sure they are going to stay forever and ever! =)

3.  Then you can build the petals according to the original tutorial.

4. After the flower petals are all on then just cut out a small circle to cover the bottoms of the center petals and glue it down. Then glue down your own little center decor piece (a button, old broach, a charm. Whatever makes your heart happy).

5. Glue on your hair clip/pin of choice to the back of it.

6. You're flippin awesome cause you're all done! Who else is going to have this gorgeous thing!? No one unless you decide that you extra like someone and you make them one. =)

I love this thing and I can't wait to wear mine for the wedding! The wedding is going to have a little bit of a country DIY feel so this thing will fit in juuuuust perfect. I can't wait to make more though. I want to make a mustard yellow one..drool.....Can't wait!

Super in love! =)


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    1. this is super cute! i've seen these around, but adding the feathers really gives it an extra somethin! good job:D


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