Monday, March 7, 2011

The beauty of a little sparkle.

I LOVE makeup! When I was younger I did some pretty crazy stuff. Different colors on each lid? Check. The brightest red lipstick I could find? Of course. Finned eyeliner almost out to the tip of my eyebrow? Yes, please.

These days I go for a little more natural look. With all the racing stripes long gone from my hair, I shoot for golds, and browns. When I go for color I try to do more toned down hues with a little pop of bright color here and there every once in a while. And I still sport the red lips too but I searched for the right tone which is a bit of a deeper red. Much nicer and not as piercing as fire engine red. I'm still a fan though.



Anyway, I decided to do a little photo shoot using my makeup. I got a chance to play with the white balance and aperture settings on my camera. I finally feel a little more confident using this thing (the camera that is)! These were some of my faves. =)

I'm in love with vignettes. Can you tell? My gold glitter spilled out when I was setting up but it looked so pretty and since it was already a mess, why not take the opportunity. It is a brighter gold but I love the coppery tones the camera gave it. All I did was add the vignettes to a couple of the pictures but other then that I didn't edit the colors. I didn't know my camera could do this kind of thing and I'm happy with how these came out. A little rough looking but I think it adds to the character. Possibly a little picture frame collage around my makeup table? We'll see.



  1. Your photo's are amazing! I love what you did with the pictures and its so exciting to see your creativity! Keep it up Andrea! I'll be lurking your blog from now on. :)


  2. Thank you my darlin! Please Lurk away! lol! It sounds funny saying that. =P


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