Friday, March 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday...

I saw This originally at a blog I follow called Little Miss Mamma , and I like the concept. Who isn't a little awkward and awesome! I am awkward and totally awesome.


- I start a lot of sentences with "So is what we could do...." As in "So is what we could do is hang a picture there". I've been informed this is not proper grammar. 

- Putting my purse down on my car to get the keys out thus setting off the alarm. This makes me fumble through my purse even faster and for a split second I think I probably look like I'm trying to steal my own car.

- My mom's dog got scared and tinkled on my leg. I think that was a little awkward for both of us.

- Saying hi to my neighbor as he cleans his yard up while ours looks like an overgrown mess with no grass to even make the front yard look mildly nice or like we're even trying. Work in progress, work in progress....I keep on having to remind myself of this. 

- After walking through World Market taking pictures for an hour or so I finally go up to pay for the stuff I was getting. Cashier "Hi, did you find everything you were looking for?" Me "Oh, yes I did. Thanks (smiles)." Cashier "Yeah, you sure were looking around for quite a while." Me "..... Yeah......The colors are all so bright in here.". Who would say that? Why would I say that? 

- The checker at the super market asked me what I was up to for the night. I said I was making dinner for my family and he proceeded to ask me what the energy of the group I was hanging out with was like. I thought maybe he was talking to the bagger but after no answer I said "what?" He repeated himself and I just said "Oh, you know it's just family. They're all really cool, I love my family." I know I live in hippie central but really? Kind of weird and I felt kinda like an awkward panda.

- I start a lot of sentences with "So is what we could do...."
- My foundation was 2 for one. 

- I installed the inside trim for our front door and I love it!

- My mom bought me a stuffed penguin

- I got to see both of my baby nephews twice this week! 

- I got crafty.

- I'm almost finished building our bed frame.

- We got our sleep number mattress (which we will set up when the bed frame is done). 

- My dog. Who doesn't pee on me.

- I took pictures of myself that I actually like.

- Fiest

- I'm inspired. 




  1. What good energy your family has ;)

  2. that's totally how you start sentences! it isn't proper but who cares. you're AWESOME!

  3. I love Fiest too, and Miss Abby. And I burst out laughing when I read the world market story.:)


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